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The Ultimate Guide to Leash Training Your Dog

Imagine going out on long walks with your furry companion! Ask any pet parent, and they’d vouch for how fulfilling it is to take their pooch to the park and even on hikes. But to ensure that your dog’s little adventure doesn’t turn into a nightmare, it is crucial that your pup is familiar with walking on a leash. After all, being pulled from side to side as you hold on to the leash for dear life isn’t what qualifies as fun.

Training your dog to walk on a leash is an important part of every pet owner’s life. Getting your dog accustomed to walking on one will help ensure that they are safe and also gives you control over them when you need it most, such as when they see another dog while you’re out on walks together.

Familiarize Them with a Leash and Collar

Before you can start training your dog to walk on a leash, you need to introduce them to the collar and leash. Give your dog plenty of time to adjust. Try taking them for short walks with the collar and no leash so they can get used to it being around their neck without feeling confined or overwhelmed. If you’re still having trouble once the weather is warmer, take them for longer walks outside with just the collar around their neck (so they have more freedom). Once they seem used to the collar alone, attach the leash and see how they react; if they still don’t seem comfortable, then keep trying until they do.

To make your pooch used to walking on a leash, make sure that you choose a high-quality leash that is comfortable for them to wear. Our leather slip lead is handcrafted and braided by leather artisans in Colombia. The edges of each strand are perfectly leveled for a soft touch and are tightly braided around a nylon parachute cord to increase the strength of these leads.

Teach Them a Cue

When it comes to walking your dog on a leash, you might want to take time out and teach them certain cues to come back to you or behave in a particular manner. For instance, you can use cues like “heel” or call out their name to teach your pup how to walk on a loose leash.

Reward Them With Treats

A great way to foster good leash behavior is by using positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is any sort of action that encourages your dog’s desired behavior. Here, you’ll teach him that walking near your side earns him praise and/or treats. This can include saying good boy! and giving them a treat when they walk next to you or allowing you to clip their leash onto their collar, or you can simply be praising them with a happy voice while they walk at your side. When they do something you want—which in this case is walking near your side—give them immediate positive feedback so that they learn what it is you want from them.

Leash training your dog can be overwhelming at first but with little patience and knowledge of what the process entails, you can teach them to walk on a leash in no time! If you’re looking to buy slip leads for dogs, we have a wide range of comfortable leads!

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