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Braided Leather Slip Collars


Gorgeous hand-made slip collar made with the finest leather braided over parachute nylon cord to provide extra strength.

  • THE HIGHEST QUALITY: Our slip dog collars are handcrafted and braided by leather artisans in Colombia. The edges of each strand are perfectly leveled for a soft touch and are tightly braided around a nylon parachute cord to increase the strength and reliability of the collars.
  • ANYWHERE ANYTIME: The naturally durable design of these collars makes them perfect for walks, training sessions, or showing that you can use throughout your dog’s life from puppy to senior. The leather material is soft and gentle on your dog’s neck.
  • PERFECT FOR SHOWING & TRAINING: There are different sizes availble making this a perfect collar for puppy training and later life showing.
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR: These collars come in a wide variety of colors: Black, White, Tan, Brown, and other combinations! Choose the perfect length and thickness, and mix and match with your dogs accessories for a fun unique look!

Thicknesses available:

  • 1/16 in (2mm) with solid brass 1/2″ ring, 3.1 mm thick
  • 1/8 in (3 mm) with solid brass 1/2″ ring, 3.1 mm thick
  • 3/16 in (5 mm) with solid brass 1/2″ ring, 3.1 mm thick
  • 5/16 in (8 mm) with solid brass 3/4″ ring, 3.8 mm thick
  • 5/16 in (9 mm) with solid brass 3/4″ ring, 3.8 mm thick

Lengths available:

12 in (31 cm), 14 in (36 cm), 16 in (41 cm), 18 in (46 cm), 20 in (51 cm), 22 in (56 cm), and 24 in (61 cm).

* Check menu options above for colors and sizes available

ALVALLEY LEASHES AND COLLARS: We started with one express purpose, to make fine dog show quality leashes for your pets. Our leather braiding is tightly woven with a smooth soft feel that holds strong even with frequent hard use. Get the best for your dogs from Alvalley.

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