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Braided Leather Slip Lead with Stopper


Inspired in the British style, this gorgeous slip leash with stopper is hand-made with the finest leather braided over parachute nylon cord to provide extra strength.

  • THE HIGHEST QUALITY: Our leashes are handcrafted and braided by leather artisans in Colombia. The edges of each strand are perfectly leveled for a soft touch and are tightly braided around a nylon parachute cord to increase the strength of these leads.
  • THE MOST VERSATILE LEASHES: The Alvalley Slip Leather Dog Leads are totally adjustable and use a texture-grip leather stop to secure the leash at any size you choose. The simple grip and strong braided leather and parachute cord gives you the best reliability for your leash.
  • PERFECT FOR SHOWING & TRAINING: The adjustable size and natural tightening on pulling make this a perfect leash for puppy and later life showing & training. The material is soft for a gentle correction even if your pet pulls very hard. You can quickly adjust the collar size to fit small, medium, large, and extra large pets.
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR: These leashes come in a wide variety of colors: Black, White, Tan, Brown, and other combination colors! Choose the perfect length and thickness, and mix and match with your dog´s accessories for a fun unique look!

Thicknesses available:

  • 1/8 in (4 mm) with solid brass 1/2″ ring, 3.1 mm thick
  • 3/16 in (5 mm) with solid brass 1/2″ ring, 3.1 mm thick
  • 5/16 in (8 mm) with solid brass 3/4″ ring, 3.8 mm thick

Lengths available:

4 ft (123 cm) and 6ft (183 cm)

  • You can custom order leashes in these lengths: 2ft (60 cm), 3ft (91 cm), and 5ft (152 cm) – Go to Custom Orders section
  • You can custom order leashes in these thicknesses: 1/16 in (2mm) and 6/16 in (10 mm) – Go to Custom Orders section

* Check menu options above for colors and sizes available

ALVALLEY LEASHES AND COLLARS: We started with one express purpose, to make fine dog show quality leashes for your pets. Our leather braiding is tightly woven with a smooth soft feel that holds strong even with frequent hard use. Get the best for your dogs from Alvalley.