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Training Your New Puppy: 4 Things to Keep in Mind

Is there anything more exciting than bringing a puppy home? We don’t think so. These tiny little furballs are a source of constant joy and entertainment. More importantly, as they grow up, they become your companion and friend, being there with you and for you every step of the way. But raising a puppy can […]

The Ultimate Guide to Leash Training Your Dog

Imagine going out on long walks with your furry companion! Ask any pet parent, and they’d vouch for how fulfilling it is to take their pooch to the park and even on hikes. But to ensure that your dog’s little adventure doesn’t turn into a nightmare, it is crucial that your pup is familiar with […]

Collar vs. Harness: What Is the Best Choice for Your Puppy?

So, you have recently welcomed a little four-legged member into your family and now it’s time to buy a collar or harness for them. At first glance, picking out a collar or harness for your puppy might seem like an easy task. It is only when you step into a pet store or begin your […]