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3 Things To Keep In Mind When Putting A Collar On Your Pup

A dog can bring joy to our family and keep everyone entertained with their tricks and playful personality. But owning them also comes with responsibilities. As pup parents, you should ensure you take better care of them, from their diet, medical needs, and clothing, and even as simple as choosing the perfect collar and making them wear it.

A dog collar is an excellent way to adorn your pup and have them in your control during training or when going out. But not all dog collars are suitable for your pup, and not every pup enjoys wearing a collar. It is advisable to consider a few things before putting a collar on your dog, and we will discuss them in the following. Also, start looking for the perfect collar, such as the stylish martingale collar.

Here are some things to keep in mind before putting a collar on your pup:

Get a Comfortable Collar.

Dogs’ skin is sensitive, and some collar designs and materials can cause discomfort and irritation. When getting a collar for your pup, ensure it is safe and comfortable for them. Look for a collar made from high-quality material, enhancing your dog’s safety and comfort.

martingale dog collar with chain

We at Alvalley offer excellent designs and quality dog collars and leashes. Our leather dog collar with martingale chain is a strong and reliable flat leather dog show collar made with the finest leather for an unmatched smoothness and soft feel to the touch. The brass-plated martingale chain complements the quality and resistance of this hand-stitched leather collar. The Flat Leather Collar With Martingale Chain is perfect for showing and training and does not cause any discomfort. Your pup will surely like it!

Introduce the Collar to your Pup.

Your pup may not like something they are unfamiliar with on their body. Rather than making your pup wear the collar the moment you get it, allow your dog to see the collar first. You can show the collar to your pup, keep it next to them (under your surveillance to prevent them from biting it), and put the collar on for a few minutes and take it off. The next time your pup wears the collar, they will not feel as strange. And with the best material collar, your dog will not mind having it throughout.

Ensure the Collar is not too Tight on their Neck.

When putting a collar on your dog, you must ensure it is not too tight. When you over-fastened the collar, it will make it uncomfortable for your pup to breathe and can cause skin irritation when the piece rubs harder on the skin. Besides going for a soft material, you should also get a suitable collar length. It is advisable to check the collar on your pup from time to time, as your dog could gain weight and the collar could be tighter.

These are some things you should remember when putting a collar on your pup.

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