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About Us

Robe boule col coeur Alvalley specializes in leather products handcrafted in Colombia, South America. They are distinguished by their high quality leather, beautifully handcrafted workmanship and functionality. All of our leather braiding is hand-made, tightly woven, with a very smooth and soft feel to the touch. Artisans carefully construct each product with attention to every detail, giving our customers unsurpassed quality.

Abiti leopardato a fascia The Alvalley production of leashes and collars was the idea of Alfredo Vallejo, who wanted to show his labradors with the finest leashes. This gave start to having his leashes made by the most skilled leather craftsmen in his country, Colombia, South America. We are very proud to have a group of Colombian artisans, who have been trained in the art of leather braiding.

Sweatkleider latex In our Kennel section you will be able to see many of the Alvalley Labradors that are Colombian, Mexican, Costa Rican, Ecuatorian, Argentinian and World Champions and Lab Specialty winners.


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